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Willing to breathe some fresh air? One of the best ways to experience the beautiful landscapes around Monestiés is with your own two feet!

The area offers trails ranging from short and easy walks to multi-day walking adventures.

  • Botanical path "The secrets of the river"
    Botanical path The secrets of the river

    If you come to Monestiés, don't miss "The secrets of the river", a botanical path on the banks of the river Cérou.

    This 2 km loop consists of 18 panels through which you will discover botanical and historical informations.

    In a green, fresh and shaded setting, you will follow the river, take the small bridge of Candèze, and walk along the vegetable gardens. This trail, to discover with family, is accessible to everyone and will delight young and old, from 7 to 77 years.

    Download the map

  • Promenade and hiking trails around the village
    Promenade and hiking trails around the village

    Borie Blanche circuit - 6 km

    This walk on the hills around Monestiés offers magnificent views of the medieval village and the valleys of Ségala called "puechs".

    Zère and Cérou's valleys circuit - 15 km

    On the left bank of Cérou, tributary stream of the river Aveyron, between the medieval towns of Cordes and Monestiés, rises between the woods, the small village of Salles-sur-Cérou.

    > Mazens circuit - 8 km

    In the middle of the plateau, between cultivated meadows and pastures dedicated to cattle breeding, you will walk along the paths lined with low walls called "paredous".

    • The detailed maps of the circuits are on sale individually at the Tourist Office (1 €), as well as the wallet containing 22 sheets of hiking trails in Ségala tarnais (5 €).

    Find all the trails of Ségala tarnais on this page

  • Linear and great hiking trails (GR)
    Linear and great hiking trails (GR)
    • The GR36 crosses the Tarn from north to south and Ségala Tarnais for 28 km, passing through Monestiés.
    • Connection between the GR36 and the GR of Pays des Gorges du Viaur: starting point at Labastidette 1.5 km from Monestiés. Distance 15.5 km.
    • GR of Pays des Gorges du Viaur: this 73.5 km circuit takes you from Tanus to Laguépie along the wild Viaur valley.
    • Ségala trail: this 44 km trail takes you from Ambialet to Pampelonne via Valdériès (description available in the guidebook "The Tarn ... on foot").

    For more information about hiking contact "Espace Randos et Paysages" - Hotel Reynès 14 rue Timbal 81000 Albi - Tel: 05 63 47 73 06